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Visting Artist Demo & Lecture

Boise State, ID


Chewela Arts Guild Chewela, WA

Trap Door Brewery Opening
Lecture and Demo at Miracosta
Spokane Falls Community College
Clackamas Painting Studio
Award Ceremony
Big Dumb Fruithead
Catch and Release
Teaching Drawing
Skiing Mount Hood
statement of work

The suppositions which influence my work have evolved from my early interests in natural systems, thermodynamics, modern physics and philosophical constructs. 


During the past decade I have been intrigued by the philosophy of dumb logic which infers that the solution to many problems is often the answer originally thought to be the most ludicrous.  A related conjecture suggests that any idea pushed far enough in either direction will become its opposite. 


Examples of this concept occur when left wing becomes right wing, pain turns to pleasure, the spontaneous transforms to the contrived and the absurd becomes profound. 


Our existence is filled with similar paradoxes and ambiguities where events, tragic or otherwise, appear to be unfair, ridiculous or just. 


It is through my work that I utilize, order and confront these absurdities.


David Raphael Andersen began his early career working as an Entomologist for Environmental Labs where he expedited USDA grants on pesticides.  After several years working in this field he changed directions and decided to become a visual artist.


Since graduating with his MFA degree (Painting) from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah in 1988, Andersen has worked as an artist, studio instructor and full time Director of Galleries at 5 universities and colleges.  He is currently Professor of Art at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, OR, where he directs the Drawing and Painting programs.


An internationally exhibited artist, Andersen has also received numerous grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, Texas Commission on the Arts, Nevada Arts Council, Sierra Arts Foundation and the Clackamas CC Foundation.  His work has also been reviewed and written about in Art in America, The New York Times, San Diego Union Tribune, The Oregonian and the Los Angeles Times among others.


15 years ago Andersen left the retail galleries that had represented him, moved away from social media as a promotional tool, backed away from the business associated with contemporary art world concerns and began to emphasize education as a tool for societal change…while continuing to create work in a prolific manner. 

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